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Our company was founded in 1986 with the mission of helping clients have beautiful and functional garage doors. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and building lasting relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I paint my garage door?

You can easily paint your garage door anytime you want to. To prepare your garage door for painting, just mix a mild abrasive cleaning powder like Spic&Span, or Comet into a bucket of warm water and use a scrub brush to gently scrub the door panels. This cleans the protective finish and dirt particles from door panels and helps new paint to adhere to surfaces. Allow the door panels 24 hrs. to dry before applying paint.

How would I be able to replace a single panel of my garage door?

Garage door manufacturers have many unique style design options for their doors, so it’s important to recognize who the manufacturer was and to figure out if that particular door is still being made. If you have a damaged door panel, but all of the other panels are in good condition, then replacing the damaged door panel is a good option. If more than one door panel is damaged, it might be more cost efficient to consider replacing the entire door. Most door manufacturers charge dealers a premium price for replacement panels.

When will I need garage door insulation?

If your home design includes bedrooms or other living spaces over top of the garage, it’s a good idea to consider a insulated garage door. A good insulated garage door will provide protection against outdoor air temperatures, rain and snow from penetrating your garage and effecting air temperatures in the rooms attached to the garage. R-Values of good insulated garage doors vary, according to door thickness, type of insulation used and the backing material on the inside of the door.

How much money will I save by buying a cheap garage door?

It’s true, you will save money if you buy a cheap garage door! Obviously, each homeowner has
to decide what they can afford. Cost driving factors include steel thickness of door panels, door finishes, windows, panel designs and insulation. If a homeowner intends to stay in their home for many years to come, then it may be better to consider a higher quality garage door replacement now, so they won’t have to worry about it in the future. If the homeowner is considering moving soon doesn’t need to think about the distant future of the home, then a cheaper option makes sense. Either choice of door will improve the curb appeal of the home for a long time.

Will I be able to use my smartphone to operate my garage door opener?

We only use Liftmaster brand garage door openers and all of them include the My-Q app built into the computer system. As long as the home has WiFi, the garage door opener will allow you to access your smartphone.

Why do garage door openers just stop working?

Like any electronic appliance, a garage door opener has a shelf life. The opener has several computerized components and mechanical components that can wear out at any time. The age component is the most common reason for a failure. Power surges, door problems, lightning strikes and computer failures are also common causes. Most new home builders put very cheap garage door openers in their homes and they wear out much sooner than expected. The Liftmaster Opener line is the very best option available! That’s why we are Liftmaster Dealers.

What is a garage door seal?

Garage door seal includes the weatherstripping that surrounds the sides and top of a garage door and the seal that’s attached to the bottom of the door.

What licenses, insurances, and Bonds do you have?

Buckeye Overhead Doors LLC is fully insured. In the state of Ohio, there are no licenses that pertain to the garage door service industry.

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